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We came up with an idea to design our shoe soles that will “Imprint Africa wherever you go” and soon realised that we are onto something here. This design has become our brand’s unique identity, allowing South Africans to #imprintafrica as they venture on their daily missions and world travels, leaving a trail of their origin behind, a reminder of where their hearts are rooted.


Vosk Shoes


Local manufacturing has been a big objective for us. Being able to create jobs and directly impact our economy is a commitment we took with all its challenges and pitfalls. As South Africans we tend to support and take more pride in brands that are locally produced. Our footwear is carefully manufactured in South Africa by a family that has been creating shoes since 1983, passing down their skills from generation to generation.



Vosk Shoes




We are on a mission to improve the lives of the less fortunate children in South Africa. With every pair purchased, Vosk will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. We have made this dream possible by partnering with Samaritan’s Feet International, an organisation that has given shoes to an estimate of 6.5 million individuals around the globe.

With every giving trip we wash the children’s feet and get to spend quality time with them. We ask about their lives, their dreams, and offer them words of wisdom and hope for the future. Shoes are a symbol of pride and give confidence to young learners knowing that they can walk to school in comfort, as opposed to barefoot. A lot of the time children can't attend school barefoot because shoes are a school uniform necessity. Shoes are also a vital protection barrier for their tiny soles and will protect them from cuts, bruises and soil-transmitted diseases.



We know that children grow fast and that shoes don’t last forever. This is why we will return to each community at least once a year so we can serve these kids as they grow.



Wesley Vos | Vosk Shoes



Wesley Vos calls the small coastal town Strand, WC home. After studying marketing management in Stellenbosch, he tried his hand in the financial industry, but soon realised that entrepreneurship was his true calling. The concept of using for-profit business to improve the lives of less fortunate people was for him the best idea since sliced bread, hence Vosk Shoes. When he is not busy hustling to grow his brand, you’ll find him either in a social setting or somewhere up in the mountains.