We aim to do good and look good doing it.

VOSK is more than just a sneaker brand. Yes, we love trendy footwear and apparel, but we also love making an impact. In fact, we love to ‘Imprint Africa’. What does that mean? It means, wherever we go, we try to help someone along the way.

We like to think of ourselves as multicultural travellers leaving behind not just a trail of our origin, but also a little bit of compassion across borders. And we do this, by being on the front foot of both adventure and combating global shoelessness. It’s a pretty big task, we know - but we like a challenge.

So, with every pair purchased, we’ll give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. It’s pretty simple, you can be an ambassador and part of our community too. Just lace up VOSK shoes and help uplift our youth.

VOSK and Samaritan’s Feet. A duo for good.

Challenging global shoelessness is a task for more than one African. That’s why Emmanuel “Manny” Ohonme, Nigerian founder of Samaritan’s Feet, and Wesley Vos, South African founder of VOSK, joined forces. We share a passion to help bring an end to the spread of foot-borne diseases and infections derived from 1.5 billion kids going barefoot. Manny himself was once such a boy and the problem is rife across South Africa and Africa as a whole.

The goal is twofold. One, by purchasing a pair of VOSK shoes, we’ll give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Two, we understand that kids need moral support and inspiration to go with a pair of bright new shoes. So together, across countries, we do our best to give them both. And with your help, we can vastly increase the spread of transformation, not diseases.

Find out more about Manny’s story and Samaritan’s Feet at www.samaritansfeet.co.za


Wanderlust with a purpose. That’s my business.

I’m Wesley Vos, founder of the VOSK brand. I vividly remember watching television in 2004 after the tsunami hit in Southeast Asia. The death and devastation brought tears to my eyes and I felt utterly helpless when ironically all I wanted to do, was help. That feeling never really went away.

After studying and my first job or two, I knew that money alone wouldn’t be enough for me. I needed to make a living and make a difference at the same time, no matter how big or small. I needed VOSK…

and here we are. A sneaker-loving community of adventurous spirits who want to make a difference today and with your help, hopefully in the long run too.

Footnote (couldn’t resist): I might’ve founded VOSK, but I want our customers to share in the brand and the change it aims to bring about. It’s not just about giving shoes, it’s about gaining first-hand experience of what your gift means. Our customers will be invited to join us on Giving Days to experience the reactions on remarkable kids’ faces when they are given their first pair of shoes.

Sizing Chart


PLEASE NOTE: Our new "Made in RSA" shoes is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? We recommend you size down. If you're a bit unsure, feel free to contact us at hello@vosk.co.za

How to measure your Feet

1. Take a plain sheet of paper, put in on the ground and step on it. With a pencil, draw an outline of your foot. Make sure you hold the pencil in an upright straight position.



2. Using a ruler, draw a rectangle box around your footprint whereby the edges of the box touch the edges of your footprint and the corners of the box are 90 degrees. 



3. Measure the length of your foot and refer to the chart below. NOTE - the length represented refers to the outside of the shoe.





For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.