"Where do you make these?"

February 06, 2019


A life-altering story in itself.


Founder Wesley Vos(me), after spending a few years validating our idea of giving back when you buy VOSK and designing our sneakers, I started looking for people that can help produce our unique sneakers.

First prize would, of course, be to produce our shoes locally.

For more than 18 months I worked towards manufacturing our shoes in South Africa and even moved to Durban for three months, living with strangers and trying to help the factory set up production. Once confident that the manufacturer is going to start and finish production, I moved back to Cape Town.

Then, after months of "problems", delay tactics and lending them even more money for "broken equipment", I realized that we will never receive the paid for stock and was in fact, scammed. Money. Gone. Heart. Broken.

To make things even trickier, there is only one manufacturer who can produce our sneakers in SA.

Crippled, I pushed on and somehow managed to get more funding for our first batch of shoes. I then started communicating with a bunch of manufacturers in China and did intensive due diligence to make sure the supplier we partnered with is legit, honest and their people work under good conditions. Making sure that people work under good conditions was paramount for the decision to partner with them.

Right now, I'm becoming pretty tight friends with Alice and Annie who make sure we produce awesome sneakers with the potential to make a significant social impact in South Africa, Africa and the world. 

When we look at our “Why”, VOSK was created to help people in need, to show that we care about people and that we want to empower our fans and customers to also make a change in someone’s life by purchasing VOSK. As we grow, we will always keep looking at how we can improve our footwear and apparel and strive to offer you the best quality and sustainable products.

Much Love,

Wesley Vos

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Sizing Chart


PLEASE NOTE: Our new "Made in RSA" shoes fit true to size. If you're a bit unsure, feel free to contact us at hello@vosk.co.za


How to measure your Feet

1. Take a plain sheet of paper, put in on the ground and step on it. With a pencil, draw an outline of your foot. Make sure you hold the pencil in an upright straight position.



2. Using a ruler, draw a rectangle box around your footprint whereby the edges of the box touch the edges of your footprint and the corners of the box are 90 degrees. 



3. Measure the length of your foot and refer to the chart below. NOTE - the length represented refers to the outside of the shoe.





For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.